Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Accident, Mommy!

 As most of you know I have been training for my first duathlon.(Which is Sat) Well last night I was really torn as to go workout or not, when I asked Eli what he wanted to do, he told me he wanted to stay home and take a bath. I decided to go anyways, I dropped him off with my (Uncle) Bubba Will and my cousin Stephanie. When I returned to pick him up this is what he was wearing....
Yes that is a pair of cheerleader shorts and LOOONG shoe string! To my surprise Eli had a accident! He pee'd his pants.I wasn't fast enough to get a picture of him in it but believe me it was HILARIOUS!! As if the outfit that my Uncle Will rigged up wasn't funny enough, I began to tell them what Eli told me before I dropped him off.

We were backing out of our driveway and I was explaining to Eli where he was going to stay. He then told me "I am going to have a accident" Me: What do you mean? Eli: I am going to pee in my pants, Me: I laughed under my breath and said your better not that is what babies do!! Nothing else was said, well he did exactly what he told me he was going to do, but I by no means took him serious. Eli has only had 2 accidents since he started using the bathroom, now 3!! Thank your Uncle Will, Aunt Joanne, Stephanie and Lauren!!! Eli really enjoyed his time and says he cant wait to go back!!!

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  1. Awww I wonder what was his reasoning behind it HAHA! I can't wait until you tell this story to his prom date!